A Lesson In Friendship: 4 Ways To Support A Friend Grieving Pregnancy Or Infant Loss

LAST MONTH, we fell in love with the lesson learned from the viral post below. Whether you have a friend grieving pregnancy loss or a loss of any kind, here are incredible tips for how to truly help from Box for Loss co-founder, Bryn Young…

We’ve all done it—asked a friend, “please let me know if you need anything.” While the intention is always earnest, that question places the burden on the receiver to ask for help, which can be difficult during difficult times.

Local Birthing Collective Launches Box For Pregnancy Loss

After facing their own miscarriage experiences, Tourmaline Birth and Wellness Collective midwives, holistic practitioners and clients came together to create Box for Loss, a support box designed to nurture mothers and families experiencing pregnancy loss. Read on to learn more about Box for Loss and how you access support for yourself or someone else in need.


Pregnancy care sucks. These companies want to rethink it.

Motivated by their experiences with miscarriage, these entrepreneurs are out to change pregnancy care.

In April, medical journal The Lancet published three papers on miscarriage and called for a complete rethink of miscarriage care. This year, a group of midwives launched a miscarriage kit called the Box for Loss


9 comforting pregnancy loss gifts to show love and support

Some 10-15% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage, and the loss and pain are truly indescribable for the parents. If someone you know has lost a baby, it’s understandable you aren’t sure how to help them. There are no words — so instead we search for tangible, meaningful, and helpful little gifts to ease the pain and show we’re there for our friends and family.

Looking for a miscarriage gift is a delicate matter, but we’ve got you. The most important thing to remember is that any gesture means a lot, the most impactful of which might be to just sit and listen when you deliver the gift.


How to Find Comfort After Miscarriage & Pregnancy Loss

If you have found yourself reading this peace because you recently lost a pregnancy or experienced a miscarriage, please know how sorry we are and that we are holding space for you through this process. A rollercoaster of emotions is completely normal during this time and it’s important to remember that there is no “right” way to feel. No matter the length of your pregnancy, every person deserves to grieve and express this grief in their own way. So, how do you find comfort in this sometimes isolating journey?



Miscarriage is a grief that hits you like a tidal wave. It’s a pain that isolates you and makes you question things you never worried about before. And it can be really hard to know how to ask for help. 

If you’ve walked through a miscarriage, you also know that a lot of well-intentioned people can say some hurtful things even as they are trying to encourage you. Things like….


6 Natural Ways to Cope with Physical & Emotional Loss

Whether you experienced miscarriage, stillbirth, or abortion, the emotional grief has a physical effect on your body and vice versa.


Box for Loss fundraiser to support women dealing with pregnancy loss

October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month.

To mark the occasion, a San Diego County women’s birthing and wellness center is raising money to donate support boxes to families in need who are suffering a loss…


Box for Loss Creates Supportive Space for Pregnancy Loss

Box for Loss is a physical and emotional support box designed to nurture mothers and families going through the loss of a pregnancy. One in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, with the majority occurring before 12 weeks. Many women say they felt very alone and unsupported in the aftermath. Box for Loss was created to expand the space for families going through pregnancy loss with resources + support.


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