Our Story:
Becoming "Box for Loss"

Box for Loss came together organically as a way to support women through miscarriage & pregnancy loss. After facing the heartbreak, pain, and isolation of their own miscarriage experiences, Torie & Bryn, and the team at Tourmaline Birth and Wellness Collective found themselves wanting to do more for others who might be going through a similar experience. These women found solace in their community and forged a path to walk through their grief together; rather than alone. Through that connection, something beautiful was born: Box for Loss. Tourmaline Birth and Wellness collective and our holistic practitioners support clients through it all; including miscarriage.

Most of us have ourselves experienced miscarriage first hand. We know the lack of support and community for families during this time. As we dive into individual medical histories we hear the stories of loss retold. The majority of our patients weren’t supported physically or emotionally through the process of miscarriage, and carry the weight of the precious loss into subsequent pregnancies. As women who have experienced loss, we know that miscarriage is not simple. When a baby comes into our lives it immediately shifts and forever expands our world. Whether that life stays or goes, we are left forever changed.

We, the midwives behind Tourmaline, had the privilege to cross paths with Torie and provide midwifery support to her through her miscarriage. During Torie’s time of healing she connected with her dear friend Bryn, who had also recently gone through a miscarriage. Bryn and Torie both seeing a need for something tangible to support those suffering, reached out to the Tourmaline team. Collectively, we wanted to help create space around the miscarriage experience. We wanted to help women feel less isolated, scared, and traumatized through the same healing community we were creating with Torie and Bryn. Every item in the box comes from a special place of healing from nine very special women; each who has had their own journey through loss.

Every woman in their specific field shares a product to help support you through your miscarriage from tonics, tinctures, and teas to essential oil blends, vaginal steams, and informational guides. Most obstetrical practices don’t initiate prenatal care until 10-12 weeks. With the majority of miscarriages occurring before 12 weeks, most go unsupported. Box for Loss was created to fill this gap, and expand the space for families going through miscarriage & pregnancy loss with resources, support, and reflection.

I didn’t leave my house for a week. I felt intense shame, but at the same time I felt compelled to be public about it. Like anything these days, it’s not official until it’s on Facebook. I took to my social media outlets to let the cat out of the bag. I assumed I’d get well wishes and condolences, but the feedback I received was completely unexpected. Stephanie Libs
Even though I don’t talk extensively about my issues, I still didn’t want to feel isolated. I wanted my partner to understand. I didn’t want those around me to see me and pretend that nothing had happened - at the same time I didn’t necessarily want to talk about it. It was this weird dichotomy and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I just needed support in a way I didn’t know how to get. Bryn Young
I am sharing this for one main reason, in hopes I help at least one woman, not because I want sympathy. Because 25 percent of women have a miscarriage. Let me restate that, one out of four women lose a baby but NO ONE is talking about it. Because we are a culture full of secrets. But why? Torie Borrelli Hall

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